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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Love Fall

I woke up this morning and I could feel the cool air, I know in my heart fall is on its way! Fall always feels like a new start for me, maybe its from my childhood days when I was heading back to school. I was that kid who would wait all summer for my school supply list to come in the mail. Now even though I am in the working world this feeling of new, and a fresh start has never left me. Its better than January as I am not a fan of new years resolutions....its fall, my favorite season of all!! (and no that rhyme was not intended. haha)

These are a few of my favorite things that refresh my health and wellness!

 Windows Open
 Hot Cups of Peppermint Tea
 Apple Picking
 Mountain Biking
 Horseback Riding
 Hiking as the leaves turn
 Cute Jackets and Jeans

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