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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Make your own Protein Powder

A reader mentioned they were looking for a protein powder thats not processed or full or sugar, so I was inspired to find a solution.  And lets be honest if you are new to protein powder the aisle is confusing and the tubs are expensive. So here is a great homemade protein powder (also vegan) recipe from a fellow blogger Daily Garnish.


•2 cups hemp protein powder
•1 cup PB2 powder
•1 cup ground flax
•1/3 cup maca powder
•2 tbsp + 2 tsp chlorella powder
•4 tsp spirulina
•4 tsp cinnamon
•1 tsp (concentrated) stevia

Building the Protein Powder Base
  1. First up, add the flax to the food processor and give it a few pumps. Flax tends to get clumpy, and you want to make sure it’s smooth when the rest of the ingredients are added.
  2. Next, dump all the rest of the ingredients into your food processor.
  3. Add the final product to a sealable tub, and DONE– you’ve just created your own super food protein powder blend!
  4. The serving size for this mix is 1/4 cup, this powder recipe will yield a total of 18 quarter-cup servings, so you don’t have to do this very often!
This blogger also providers her favorite smoothie to add this protein powder to...
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of frozen fruit – they chose blueberries, strawberries, and mango
  •  Add 1/4 cup of your new protein powerhouse blend
  • A squirt of agave to sweeten
  • Add one half-cup of almond milk and then top off with enough water to cover the ingredients.  Time to BLEND!
  • While the mixture is blending, drop a handful of spinach into the top of the blender removing the glass piece.

 **If you are interested in other protein powders click here  



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