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Friday, April 22, 2011


There is still a lot of confusion out there around transfats. We all seem to know they are "bad" for us but many are not sure why, so I wanted to share an easy to understand example.

When restaurants order oil for their deep fryer it arrives in a solid block like form (much like butter). When heated to325- 400 degrees the solid becomes a liquid and is used for frying. When we eat the fried items and the oil enters our bodies which are 98.6 degrees the oil returns to its solid state. This leads to increased cholesterol, raised insulin levels and heart attacks.

Always read labels as many companies can claim "no transfat" in their product but if you look at the nutrition label it contains .5% per serving. Well these days an actual serving is so small we usually have two so now your transfat intake is 1%, which may not seem like a lot but it only takes a small amount.

Hope this example helps clarify.

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