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Monday, May 23, 2011

How to get started on your own health journey?

It seems overwhelming at times to take that first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Just remember the first step is the hardest and it gets easier from there (kind of like a relationship breakup).
  1. Canned fruits and vegetables are a great way to transition.
  2. Next try frozen fruits and vegetables. They are a quick and easy way to liven up any meal. (soup, yogurt, pasta etc)
  3. Try a new fruit or vegetable from the produce aisle. Never tried kale? Purchase a bunch and go home and google a new recipe to experiment with.
  4. Organic is better than regular produce and it a great step once you have begun to consistently make these tiny changes in your lifestyle.
  5. Local is BEST! This produce has traveled a shorter distance to your place (less preservatives) and is grown in a richer nutrient and mineral soil.
*It takes people years to change their lifestyle so start gradually and begin to form a habit. One thing I want to point out is if you don't like a particular fruit or vegetable DON'T eat it. There are plenty of options out their so never force yourself. Be a picky eater just like little kids and only eat what you love!

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