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Monday, May 16, 2011

Cleanse Completed!

I can officially say I have done a cleanse.... and I loved it!!!

All weekend I have been following the post cleanse menu and today is the day that I start to gradually add back in meat and dairy to my diet. Starting slow we will be having crabs tonight (I defiantly feel like I deserve a treat) I can't wait.

People have been asking me questions lately about energy from this cleanse so here are some reasons why: Many experts say your body uses 50%-80% of your daily energy on digestion alone. So when you are on a cleanse and giving your digestive system a break you have all this extra energy that your body is no longer using to digest meals.

Each juice contains so many unbelievable nutrients for your body that your body is absorbing almost everything (so despite what you may hear about a cleanse you are not running to the bathroom all day). Your skin will look healthier, hair shinier etc.

Overall this cleanse was so much easier than I ever expect it to be. The best part was I could go on with life while still sticking to the cleanse. Will I ever do this cleanse again.... YES without a doubt!

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