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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Organic Tea?

Did you know that conventional tea is never washed before it hits our cups? YUCK! So that means like all other conventional produce these plants are treated with a wide range of chemicals that can be harmful to not only the environment but also us. Many teas are air-dried without being washed initially which means the FIRST time tea ever touches water, is when it is placed in our mug, right before we drink it. Any harmful chemicals that were used when the crop was farmed, are released in our mugs along with the tea.  This reason alone is a great reason to choose organic teas.

Speaking of teas, I caught the tail end of the Dr. Oz show today and he mentioned a tea called Pu-erh that will shrink your fat cells.....ummm did I hear that right?!?! A tea that will shrink fat cells, where do I sign up? So I started some research on this tea and am very intrigued. This tea is usually shipped in flat round discs like shown about and is most beneficial when drank in the morning in place of coffee.

So when I went to Whole Food this evening to pick up ingredients for an Acai Bowl (recipe to come), I wandered over to the tea aisle and found Numi's chocolate Pu-erh Tea. This tea also has more antioxidants then green tea and it tastes like chocolate= WIN! It is low in caffeine, and has such a smooth, velvety taste that no sweetener is needed. I would recommend this is a must try on your next shopping excursion.


  1. This is very true and according to what I've read at an article about tulsi organic tea that it is important to know who produces your tea and what if they apply chemicals on those tea leaves or herbs that they are producing which is very harmful to us.

  2. Do you try the green tea? The world is well versed with green tea health benefits as it is a good combination of healthy ingredients and exquisite flavors. So buy green tea online India and enjoy its unique taste and texture.


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