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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cauli Mash and Mint Pineapple juice for dessert

Last night I was craving mashed potatoes and opted to make mashed cauliflower instead (can you believe I have never made this before?!).

Cauliflower Mashed "Potatoes"

1 Wash and chop a head of cauliflower into medium sized florets
2. Steam cauliflower for 10-12 minutes until soft
3. Place in a food processor but remove the fill tube to allow steam to escape
4. Once the cauliflower is mashed add desired ingredients- I added earth balance butter, chopped parsley, minced garlic, sea salt and cracked pepper.
5. Serve and enjoy! You can also make a half and half side dish to slowly transition your family into healthy eating. Half cauliflower and half potatoes are great mashed together.

Pineapple Mint Juice

When I was on my juice cleanses last year I enjoyed a pineapple mint juice that was incredible and wanted to remake this treat.

Serves 2
1. Slice two pineapples removing the rind into long strips
2. Place pineapple into a juicer
3. Take two glasses and muddle a handful of mint into the bottom (its ok to use a lot)
4. Pour pineapple juice into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake
5. Pour chilled juice into glasses and add 1/8 cup of water and stir
6. Enjoy with a glass straw

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