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Monday, February 20, 2012

Easy homemade bread?

I have baked homemade bread with my grandmother and mother and lets just say its not my cup of tea. Although the end result is delicious, it just takes too much time and patience! Not to mention muscle when you kneed it.

So I always opt for store bought bread such as Ezekiel (found in the freezer aisle) or locally made breads at the farmers market. Today, I was reading one of my favorite blogs edible perspective   and she posted a recipe to make bread in 5 minute! She must be a miracle worker but this is something I am definitely trying asap!

Here motto for this recipe is flour + water + egg = pancake/flat bread/crepe/tortilla-thingy

Pan Bread [serves 1]

•1/2 large egg or 2T egg whites
•4T milk of choice
•1/4c flour of choice- some options are below:
  • 2T millet + 2T masa harina [needed 1T extra milk]
  • 2T oat flour + 2T buckwheat flour + 1/4t cinnamon
  • 3T brown rice flour + 1T oat flour
  • 1/4c buckwheat flour + 1/2T chia seeds
  • 4T spelt flour [not GF]


1.Heat a small sauté pan [8” diameter works best] over medium heat, with a little oil [I used coconut].
2.In a bowl, whisk together the ingredients. The batter will be runny. Add more milk if needed.
3.Pour into the heated + grease pan, and turn the pan if needed so it’s evenly spread around. Let cook for about 2-3min, until bubbles form on top and able to be flipped.
4.With a large spatula, carefully flip and cook for another 2-3min, or until golden brown.
5.Eat right away, or let cool, wrap tightly + refrigerate.
tips/substitutions: The small pan works best, because it makes them easier to flip and also makes them the right thickness. It should fill up the entire pan. If you want them thicker, use less milk.

The texture is very light + soft. They hold together surprisingly well, even when loosely rolled. You can even cut them into quarters and make 2 mini sandwiches.

Using 100% raw buckwheat flour and unsweetened almond milk, the nutrition stats are as follows:
146 calories – 20g carbs – 3g fiber – 7g protein


 Try them tomorrow for breakfast- use 2 for an amazing veggie egg sandwich or even for a late lunch today.

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