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Friday, March 25, 2011

10 Ways to Slash your Grocery Bill

10 ways to slash your grocery bill WITHOUT sacrificing nutrition!!!!
The Best of Clean Eating

  1. Don't leave home without it!! Your list that is; planning ahead helps avoid impulse buys
  2. Surf to save- reference your grocery stores circular or online ad when planning your weeks menu
  3. Pick your produce wisely-In season fruits & veggies usually cost less and last longer.
  4. Cut spending with the right cut of meat-choose less expensive cuts like lean ground beef and bone in chicken.
  5. Skip the snack packs and make your own- 100 cal packs can cost 2x more than regular boxes
  6. Check the expiry date- check the best before date to avoid wasting unused products
  7. Look beyond eye level- high priced items are usually at eye level so check out the top & bottom shelf
  8. Pick less pricey protein-dried beans are less expensive than canned
  9. Use coupons common sense-do not use a coupon to save a $1 on a product you will never use
  10. Bring your own bags-Some stores give discounts for each grocery bag you bring.

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