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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Healthy Vacation

I am sure all of you were wondering where I have been the past week..... well I was in Disney World! My entire family went down for some much needed vacation, and had such a wonderful time. Disney is such a magical place with so much to do, I may have came home more exhausted then before I left. We went to Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

I know we all dread the unwanted pounds that come along with a week vacation but I am here to share some secrets to help you loose weight while you are gone.

Each morning I enjoyed a bowl of fruit, 2 poached eggs (a great option since it is cooked in water without oil or butter) and a plain English muffin. A larger breakfast than usual, but it actually held me over until dinner so I could skip lunch. We also stopped at a local grocery store and I picked up Organic Mochi rice cakes and water for snacks throughout the week.

Then when dinner came I ordered a salad or french onion soup (without cheese or bread) to fill up before my meal. Then ordered off the appetizer menu to keep portions in check.

The best part was all the walking each day, plus many of the parks have fruit stands which is awesome!!

So as the holidays come upon us and we all travel or enjoy time with loved ones just remember to get up a little earlier for a long walk or bike ride. And don't forget to fill up on fruits/vegs/broth soups to keep you satisfied and making good choices throughout the day.

Have a healthy and happy holiday!!!!

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