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Friday, June 3, 2011

Mom's Organic Market

So excited a Mom's Organic Market just opened up a short distance from my house. I had never been to this store so of course I went to check it out. Its incredible they have everything from stations to plug in your electric car in the parking lot to bulk spices.   Below is their mission and I must say my favorite part is they do not sell bottled water. I love that this company is setting an example that each of us can follow and hopefully other businesses as well.  Currently they are located in Maryland and will be expanding to Virginia.

We Take Action to Support and Live MOM's Mission

We choose organic products whenever possible. We stock an overall higher percentage of organic items than any other major grocery chain, and sell only 100% USDA Certified Organic Produce.

We buy local whenever possible. This helps reduce the amount of fuel used to transport products, supports small businesses, and boosts our local economy.

•We support green business by featuring products by companies who use renewable green power to manufacture their products.

We sell only sustainable seafood. We work with a third-party non-profit organization to make well-informed choices about the varieties of fish and shellfish sold at MOM's, ensuring that none of the seafood on our shelves contributes to overfishing and environmental harm. Read more

We do not sell bottled water. We offer a wide selection of water filters and reusable bottles, plus reverse osmosis filtered water from a special in-store dispenser. Learn more

We reduce waste. We offer a wide variety of products in bulk, which uses less packaging. We package our products in biodegradable plastic whenever we can and use biodegradable cups, plates and utensils in our sampling and coffee stations. We installed energy-efficient hand driers in our bathrooms, saving energy and eliminating the use of paper towels.

•We help others recycle. We offer ink cartridge, plastic bottle-cap and C.F.L. bulb drop off recycling as a service to all customers and employees.

We use green building materials when we can. Our Columbia East and Frederick stores feature the latest technology in skylights (reducing the need for overhead halide light fixtures) and concrete flooring (which require less servicing and chemicals to upkeep). Fast growing, renewable materials like bamboo are used to build customer service and bread counters and many of the wooden fixtures in our stores are made from recycled lumber.

100% wind power provides us with the electricity to run all our stores and our central office.

We conserve energy. Our "No Open Doors" policy for fridges, freezers and exterior doors helps us avoid wasting energy used for heating and cooling. We "Power Down" at night by shutting off all unnecessary lights and equipment and we removed half of the fluorescent light bulbs in our office, thereby saving energy and reducing glare.

We compost produce clippings and other waste such as biodegradable utensils and non-recyclable paper products, diverting tons of materials from the waste stream.

•We support the community by participating in programs like Adopt-A-Road, and by regularly contributing to local organizations, events and happenings in the region.

•We have Green Benefits. We offer our employees a "Green Benefits" package, which includes extensive education on how to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle, $3000 incentive for the purchase of a hybrid vehicle, 20% subsidy incentive to purchase Energy Star appliances and electric lawnmowers, and a "Green Household" package which includes CFL bulbs, clothesline, programmable thermostats, and a generous employee discount on all the products in our store.

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  1. I love to see such great reviews of MOM's!



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