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Friday, October 29, 2010

Weight Loss Tips

This is my favorite tip that helps you slow down your eating. We all can finish dinner in 5 minutes flat when we are starving after a long day, but it takes at least 20 minutes for our body to register that we are full, so we tend to over eat. Chopsticks are a great way to help you slow down and enjoy your meal. I mean have you ever tired to pick up rice with chop sticks or lettuce? I definitely recommend trying this tip!
Switch your fork to your less dominate hand. Not only is it more difficult to pick up the food and cut the food but it forces you to slow down your consumption.

SWITCH ALL YOUR DINNER PLATES TO SALAD PLATES! This tip is a great way to "fill" up your plate and eat the proper portion size. Dinner plates are extremely larger and we tend to feel unsatisfied when the plate is not filled. Using salad plates tricks your eye into thinking you are eating more.
This is a great tip if you love sweets. Eat all your desserts, cake, ice cream, pie etc in a nice glass (champagne flute, martini glass or white wine glass). Your serving size is automatically smaller but you feel like you are indulging because of the presentation. This is also a great idea for your next dinner party.

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