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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Weight Loss Strategies

Halloween is a holiday associated with CANDY, CANDY, and more CANDY! But there are some simple tips that can help navigate us through this holiday and see weight loss results at the scale.
This is my go to trick when it comes to buying Halloween candy for neighborhood trick or treaters. Buy a candy that you dislike, one that won't tempt you every time you walk by.
Instead of staying home handing out candy, take your children out trick or treating and get in exercise during this holiday, walking house to house. If you don't have children walk around and enjoy all the costumes and decorations in your neighborhood. Don't forget to leave a bowl of candy on your porch for those kids that visit your home while your gone.

While I was a kid our favorite house to visit on Halloween was the one that gave out small toys instead of candy. This year Silly Bandz are all the rage, so this is a great substitution for candy and will make your house a sure favorite.

Lollipops are a great candy to pass out as they take a long time to eat and are usually low in calories. So if you do munch on one or two, it won't derail your diet. Tootsie Pops are a great choice and are only 60 calories per lollipop.

Happy Halloween!!

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