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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mountain Club of Maryland

Local mountain clubs are a great way to exercise outside while taking in the beautiful views. Last year my husband quit the gym because it was getting to expensive so we looked into other alternatives for activity. We both love the outdoors so we decided to join the Mountain Club of Maryland. This group included hiking trips year round on Wednesdays and the weekend, canoe trips and backpacking trips. You could attend as many events as you wanted and it costs my husband and I $25 for BOTH of us, for an ENTIRE year!

All excursions are lead by volunteers and take you to various trails in MD, VA, WV, DE and PA. Plus if you wanted to bring a guest it only costs $2.00. These clubs are organized in almost every state and are a great way to see areas you never would visit or just a way to spend time outdoors. We actually are going on a 7 mile hike this Sunday enjoying this gorgeous weather!

Happy Trails :)

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