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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feather Down Farms

Feather Down Farm tent

Inside of the tent.... how cozy?!

Wood burning stove

How incredible to ride bikes among the animals

You get to pick your own breakfast
I am in love! Feather Down Farms is a unique experience where families can stay and become part of a working rural farm. This is widely know in Europe and has recently been brought to the United States. These farms are a perfect escape to become one with nature and remove ourselves from the stress of everyday life. The farmer will greet you upon arrival and give you a behind the scences look at the daily chores it takes to care for animals and grow good food. You can participate in milking cows, making cheese, harvesting crops or take a long hike or bike ride.

This is something I have to do sometime in my life. Just a chance to slow down and appreciate nature and understand fully how the food we eat gets on our plate.

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