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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dirty Apples

When you see the photo above what is your first thought? For me its a delicious sweet apple!

I had an eye opening conversation with a local farmer today that I wanted to share. The farmer was apologizing to his CSA customers for the dirty apples. I asked him what he meant by dirty apples and he showed me the spots and brown/yellow coloring. He said he was in the hospital for 6 weeks and his apple trees did not get sprayed (they use many natural sprays) as much as he would have liked. The farmer was embarrassed by their appearance. My first instinct was who cares they are sweet and delicious!

The farmer said people talk and are upset. They make complaints that the apples aren't perfect (meaning appearance only). To me this is eye opening!!! People would rather have an apple sprayed with more chemicals just so it looks like this????

When you go to a grocery store many of the fruits and veggies contain chemical additives and preservatives so the produce ripens on the shelf. This takes away from the taste too!
Next time you go shopping or stop at a farmers market have a new perspective, just because its not "perfect" to the naked eye doesn't mean its not delicious and great for your health.

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