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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our pets are family!

Our two dogs (Bella- 5lb yorkie & Somer- 70lb chocolate lab) are part of our family, so we make sure they live the same nontoxic lifestyle as we do. They enjoy premium organic pet food Orijen that contains fresh regional ingredients and live a healthy active lifestyle.

That being said a friend of mine recently moved Southlake, Texas and opened an Organic Pet Spa. (I am so proud of her but definitely wish she still lived in MD still so we could take advantage of her services).

Southlake Crossing Pet Spa uses all natural and organic products with zero chemicals or preservatives. I think this is fantastic! Many times we are careful with the products we put on/in our bodies but forget about some of the "family" members that fill our hearts each and every day.

If you live in Texas or know someone who does make sure to check out this Pet Spa for all your furry friends.

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