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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 is a year all about I CAN! If we make small changes toward a healthy lifestyle then we won't look back in 2012 saying we gave up on our resolutions. This year I have two resolutions.... they are not to lose XX number of pounds or to give up french fries but to make a conscience effort to choose a healthy option.... and if I do choose to eat a slice of pizza, just have one slice not 4. My resolution is to live for health. My second resolution is to follow my passion of nutrition and go back to school. You have heard it first and I commit to myself to gain additional knowledge so I can help others live a longer, happier, healthier life.

My moms New Years resolution is to eat 5 fruits and vegetables each day. What a great way to bulk up meals and keep hunger at bay during the day! So I ask you whats your resolution for 2011?

**I also want to share an eye opening thing that happened to me over the holiday break. I ate "ok" for the past week, didn't go over board but definitely indulged daily and I slept in which reduced my activity levels. Let me honestly tell you that in one week my body now hates me. I have an upset stomach, migraines and fatigue. I never would relate these symptoms directly to my diet but today I pushed myself to get up early, eat a breakfast of oatmeal and berries and head to the gym. Wouldn't you know all those symptoms are gone!? Its crazy what we find when we actually listen to our bodies. So take this experience and start to pay attention to your diet and activity levels, you will notice a drastic change for the BETTER.

I leave you with this inspiring quote I just heard "Many days we talk ourselves out of going to the gym and then are mad that we didn't go. But how many days have we actually gone to the gym then were mad at ourselves for going?"

Wishing you the healthiest 2011!

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