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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Senior Health: Ideas to Help You Overcome Your Physical Activity Challenges

I am very excited to share with you another guest blogger, who focused on a topic many of forget about! As we get older phyiscal activity and good nutrition should remain part of our daily routine to ensure a long healthy life.
Being a senior citizen has many wonderful aspects to it. You are able to look back at
your life, feel pride in your accomplishments and watch your children and
grandchildren develop their own lives. However, you also have to deal with some
new health situations and challenges. What are some ideas you can utilize to
overcome these situations?

A Little Bit
Try to complete a small physical fitness goal every day. For example, some days you
could try to do ten sit-ups, and on other days you can go for a one mile walk
around the track. Eventually, your body will get used to these small amounts of
physical activities, and you might be able to take on more. Never push yourself
though; you do not want to get injured. Speak with a doctor about the type of
activity that you are able to take on.

Try Water Aerobics
Jumping around and dancing might just not be what your body is able to do anymore.
Instead of aggravating yourself and becoming frustrated, look into some water
aerobics classes. Generally, these types of aerobics are a bit easier to do
because you have the water to act as a cushion. In some cases, these types of
activities could actually be therapeutic, so consider all of the benefits that
you can take from it.

Eating Better
So many different components of your health are related to each other, and you need
to consider the foods that you eat as fuel for your body. Now, you do not need
to give up all of your favorite snacks and treats entirely, but you should look
to eating more healthily. First, consider any medical conditions that you have
and the foods that are required to help your body address these problems. Lean
proteins, fruits and vegetables give you the energy that you need to overcome
some of your physical challenges; consuming the correct amounts of dairy helps
to keep your aging bones nice and strong.

Conversations with Doctors
It is so important to talk to your doctor about your desire to overcome the
physical challenges that come with aging. If you just go ahead and do what you
want, you could be putting your body into a serious or even fatal situation. You
need to address your specific concerns with your doctor and find out what you
need to do to resolve them. While you are visiting with your doctor, you should
also ask what the best foods are for you to eat. The doctor might wind up
suggesting that you go to visit other specialists in the field to really tailor
a plan that addresses the specific needs of your body.

Dealing with the side effects of aging is not something that anyone really looks all
that forward to. Getting through these struggles does involve taking care of
your body, participating in activities suited to you and eating better foods.
However, it also involves having a positive mindset and knowing that you can
fight through the struggles.

Pam Johnson is a CNA at a senior center. She obtained her
Certified Nursing Assistant Degree Online.

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