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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Post Holiday Detox Cleanse

Feeling sluggish, stressed out, overweight or overwhelmed by cravings?

Join me for a 10 Day Post Holiday Detox Cleanse!
January 14th- 23rd
What is this cleanse all about? 
  • This is a FOOD cleanse so you will be enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner each day :)
    • We will be eliminating all processed foods, animal products, sugar, soy, dairy, gluten, caffeine and alcohol. Not bad right?
    • You will eat many of the foods you enjoy now on a daily basis such as rice, lentils, quinoa, beans, fruits, vegetables, hummus, nut butters and steel cut oatmeal. These foods are perfect to warm up our bodies in the winter months. They are also anti-inflammatory so they reduce the chances of age related disease and enhance overall quality of health.
  •  I will be supporting you the entire time! I will be here for motivation and coaching throughout the cleanse- starting with a kick off call 4 days before the cleanse starts and post cleanse. I will have open office hours for 1 on 1 calls, and email support daily.
  • I also believe group support is the greatest gift! I will be setting up a private Facebook page so we can each support one another to achieve our goals. This tool will provide support, new food ideas, and tips to be successful. Since we are in this together we can share best practices.

What you may experience
  • Weight loss 5-10 pounds
  • Increase of energy (no afternoon slump!)
  • Enhancement of skin appearance
  • Decrease of bloating
  • Improved mental clarity - able to focus better on daily tasks
  • Reduction or elimination of sugar cravings
  • Headaches, minor pains may disappear
  • Sleeping straight through the night

What the 10 days will look like
  • Days 1-3
    •  At least once you will ask yourself "Why did I choose to participate in this cleanse again?" The answer is only days away - your body will THANK you at the end of it all!
    •  You will get out of this cleanse what you put into it. The closer you stick to the guidelines, the better the results will be, but seriously, you get props for even getting this far, and I want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible!
    • These days will be the toughest, especially if you drink lots of caffeine and consume a lot of sugar. It varies for each person but headaches, crankiness and tiredness may occur. This is totally normal and if it happens it means the detox is working! Before we start the cleanse we will discuss how to minimize these symptoms by gradually reducing our consumption of these foods before the cleanse.
  • Days 4-7
    • You will start to feel positive changes!
    • You may experience more energy, weight loss, an elevated mood or less bloat.
  • Days 8-10
    • You will feel like a NEW YOU!
  • Days 11-12 (Post cleanse)
    • It is very likely that whatever indulgences you enjoyed only 10 days ago no longer appeal to you. 
    • You may even have a new attitude or "swagger" towards the foods that you put into your body. This is wonderful news!!!
    • We will also work together to slowly re-introduce our "old" foods back in our diets.

What's included?
  • Kick off conference call where we will go over the details of the cleanse, how to prepare and all questions will be answered.
  • Program packet- includes over 25 recipes, snack list and daily checklist
  • Private Facebook page for community support
  • 1 on 1 personal support during and post cleanse.
  • Plus! Unlimited email support from myself throughout the program.

I am sure you are all wondering HOW DO I SIGN UP? Click the Paypal link below to get started!

Buy before December 23rd and only pay $75
After December 23rd the cost will be $97

Consult with a physician before starting this cleanse if you have any health/medical concerns. Do not stop taking any medication without approval from your doctor.  If you are pregnant or nursing always check with your doctor before stating this cleanse or any other detox.

Healthy Addiction makes no guarantees regarding the results to be achieved from this 10 day cleanse and results are likely to vary from person to person.


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