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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dangers of Margarine

Source: Yahoo Images

Sorry for all the heavy posts about foods & drinks that many of us consume on a daily basis but its so scary how negatively these foods affect our health and increase disease at a rapid rate. 

Margarine was invented (yes I did say, invented because it is not a real food) during the time of the low fat craze. To reduce and in some cases remove fat from foods, the science and food industry worked together to create artificial products that mimicked the real thing. These people developed a synthetic process to convert liquid vegetable oil to solid fats by adding hydrogen, and this is where margarine was born!

We are now aware that the process of hydrolysis creates margarine by turning polyunsaturated fats into saturated fats "trans fats" which does not occur in nature and is harmful to our overall health. According to the Journal of Nutrition, the trans fats in margarine have been shown to RAISE cholesterol levels and the British Journal of Preventative Social Medicine reported that people who eat high amounts of margarine or any hydrogenated oils have a greater risk of heart disease.

Hydrogenated vegetable oils are processed oils that do not turn rancid and have a longer shelf life. For example have you ever seen peanut butter where the oil separates? That's supposed to happen!! But peanut butters such as Skippy and Jif come in a homogenized form that doesn't even need refrigeration. GROSS! So check the label and make sure the only ingredient is peanuts.

At the end of the day choose real foods without all the additives and science for a happy and healthy life!

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